Meet me

I believe there has never been a more important time to raise our vibration than the times in which we now live. By that I mean raising the bar although it is much greater than that. It is living above the chaos. It is about making conscious choices to love rather than hate. To be solution oriented rather than problem oriented. To focus upon all of the good and wonderfulness and beauty that surrounds us at all times. When we choose these, our vibration rises so that more of these are prevalent Like attracts like, it is just that simple.

I would like to share a poem I wrote regarding this very thing. Thank you for listening. It is a beautiful day! ~ Jane Li

Meet Me

Meet me where I stand, don’t meet me where I fall.
Meet me in your dreamland, not where the nightmares come to call.

Meet me in my teepee, not where the battlefield cries,

Meet me by the moonlight, beneath the majestic star soaked sky.

Meet me where the horses run wild, meet me in the eyes of a child.
Meet me where the horizons collide, where the sun is always shining, where you need not hide.

Meet me in the most sacred part,The place where you’ve been afraid of the dark.
The place that you’ve been afraid to face, trying to fan the spark,

Meet me there, where, where soul to soul we meet,…..heart to heart.