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The Prince Chronicles

Beyond what is known as 'reality' awaits dimensions that have always existed. Had Gracie’s parents only known what acquiring a horse for their daughter would entail, they may have chosen a different path. On the other hand, no matter which path we choose, we possess the power to alter that path if we become willing to step away from the 'known' and ride into the 'unknown' where magic and adventures are never-ending.

Join Prince and Gracie in their mystical adventure into the realms of the unknown where everything is possible; the realms where all worlds collide into infinity. It is the world that is known as "The Prince Chronicles."

Feng Shui for Horses

Feng Shui for Horses is an unusual, yet practical, guide for creating a lasting, more intimate relationship with your horse. With the premise that everything is energy, and becoming aware of that reality, we can teach ourselves to “tune in” to that energetic component and begin to relate to our horse as something much more than just an animal, and realize that ‘something’ is a part of us.

When God Wears Fur

Jane Li Fox’s, When God Wears Fur, is not just a book about dogs. Rather, it is a timely message for each and every one of us. It is a book about the transformational power of “love without condition,” and how the miracles can occur in our everyday lives when this kind of four-legged love is present.

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